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Next Belgian event:
2 February 2019, Brussels, Belgium
[UPDATED] 9th Ada Developer Room at FOSDEM 2019 [UPDATED]
Main European events:
18-22 June 2018, Lisbon, Portugal
23rd International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe'2018
10-14 June 2019, Warsaw, Poland
Ada-Europe 24th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (Ada-Europe 2018)
Main non-European event:
5-6 November 2018, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
ACM SIGAda's High Integrity Language Technology Workshop (HILT'2018)

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The purpose of Ada-Belgium is to be a forum for persons and organizations interested in the Ada programming language, in its applications and in Ada related technologies such as software engineering methods, environments and tools.

Ada-Belgium is a non-profit organization ran by volunteers, and a member of Ada-Europe, the European federation of national Ada organizations.

Ada is a modern programming language designed for large, long-lived applications where reliability, efficiency and safety are critical. It's the technology to consider for mission-critical software.

If you don't know what Ada is, read this.
If you think you know what Ada is, check these myths and misconceptions.
If you wonder why you should (re-)consider Ada, check these ideas and arguments.

Ada's success is still one of the world's best-kept secrets.
We're doing what we can to help change that.

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Interested to register as a member? Just fill out the Ada-Belgium Membership Application Form and mail or fax it to the secretariat.

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Ada-Belgium is chaired by a Board, elected at the annual General Assembly of Ada-Belgium.

Call for Ada-Belgium sponsors

Companies willing to express their interest in Ada or their support for Ada-Belgium, may become a sponsor of the organization. Sponsors will be mentioned on this home-page (see below), in all publications and seminar announcements of Ada-Belgium, and on a special sponsors page on this Web-server.

Find out about the extra Ada-Belgium sponsorship benefits in addition to those of individual and corporate members. Contact me if you are interested.

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the Department of Computer Science of the K.U.Leuven in Belgium kindly provides some of the computer resources to run the Ada-Belgium Web- and FTP-servers and associated mailing lists; and our sponsors provide the means to make Ada-Belgium possible.

Current sponsors:

[AdaCore] [Atos] [Esterline] [KU Leuven]

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